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Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter (RACR®) Training- Baltic (Online)

Recruitment Academy certifications are the most comprehensive international training programs for HR and recruitment specialists.

What you will get

  • Pre-recorded & live sessions,
  • you get access to the platform with all content for two months,
  • the opportunity to get a certification guaranteed by the advisory board of Recruitment Academy and credibility partners such as Nestlé, Red Bull, Deloitte and more,
  • courses with renowned experts such as Jose Kadlec, Jan Mühlfeit, Romana Martincova, Blake Wittman, Milan Novak and more,
  • complex education in HR reflecting the current market situation,
  • you will become one of the internationally recognized certified HR specialists.

RACR® (Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter) training dates: December 4-6 (pre-recorded training content + live sessions)  + certification test after completing the training

The price for the training is 380 EUR + VAT per participant. 



1. Effective Interviewing Techniques for Online and Offline Interviews – Jan Zenaty, Recruitment Academy (PRE-RECORDED AND LIVE December 4)

Do you rely on intuition to choose the right candidate, or do you apply science-proven techniques and approaches to interviewing methods? And which of these two options will ensure us the right choice of candidate? What personality types are there and how to reveal them during the interview? How to avoid recruiting a problematic personality type? The top practical psychologist Jan Zenaty will guide you through all these topics and situations.

  • How to organize a successful selection interview
  • Nonverbal and verbal communication (what to say and not to say, what to do and not to do)
  • How to conclude an interview contract with a candidate and therefore increase openness and will to share
  • Traditional selection interview
  • Behavioral selection interview
  • Interview by competence
  • Stress selection interview
  • Communication and offer negotiation
  • Problematic types

2. Psychology of Job Interviews – Jan Zenaty, Recruitment Academy (PRE-RECORDED)

A lie is a problematic phenomenon. It can rarely be distinguished from the truth with 100% certainty. Paula Ekman’s method is one of the most helpful techniques for interview conducting, with an up to 90% accuracy rate when used by professionals. Its tremendous advantage lies in its non-invasive approach – the candidate doesn’t feel like they’re being interrogated. The only certified cat of this method in the Czech Republic, Jan Zenaty, who was trained by a specialty for interrogations from Scotland Yard, will guide you through this module.

  • Reading emotions from facial expressions by Paul Ekman (subtle, macro and micro emotional expressions)
  • Model of disguising and fabricating – how emotional and cognitive stress is displayed when lying
  • The golden rules of uncovering lies
  • Consistency and spontaneity analysis
  • 5 communication channels (face, body, voice, style and content)
  • Practice of identifying inconsistencies in communication – technique of HoT Spot observation
  • Video analysis
  • Practical exercises using the Ekman method to conduct interviews

3. Implementation of Employer Branding and HR Marketing – Romana Martincova, Red Bull (PRE-RECORDED AND LIVE December 4)

Romana Martincova, Head of HR at Red Bull and former HR and TA manager at L’Oréal will teach you where to start if you want to build an employer’s strategic brand. She will explain the procedure and individual steps of strategic employer branding. She will also say, for example, how to involve a new „phygital“ phenomenon in employer branding or why candidate experience is important.

  • Determine the target group
  • Create attractive and authentic campaign content
  • Involve employees in content creation
  • Link internal EVP with external communication campaign
  • Obtain internal management support for investments in employer branding
  • Various activation tools and campaigns
  • Work with social media for the purpose of building the employer’s brand
  • Create a concept of a successful employer branding strategy
  • Demonstration of the practical application of a successful strategic approach of employer branding to a specific FMCG company.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment. Tools and techniques of AI and Automation – José Kadlec (LIVE December 6)

It’s time to embrace the power of AI and take your talent acquisition game to the next level! 

Join José for an electrifying training module on the game-changing technology of ChatGPT, Midjourney, LaMDA, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion in recruitment. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and hello to an era of unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. 

Get ready to be amazed by the practical and pragmatic benefits of incorporating AI tools into your recruitment process.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to:

  • Unleash the full potential of AI in recruitment with ChatGPT, DALL-E and 10+ AI tools
  • Use AI in talent sourcing, interviewing, job ads, employer & personal branding and HR marketing 
  • Navigate yourself in the jungle of AI tech for text, voice, images, video and source code
  • Incorporate GPT-4 and Midjourney to the basic up to the advanced recruitment workflows 
  • Replacing mediocre recruitment and employer branding employees with a snap of a finger
  • Gain a competitive advantage by the application of the very latest technologies
  • Be at the forefront of innovation in HR and recruitment

5. Modern Psychodiagnostic Tools – Eliska Sonska Steklikova, GoodCall (PRE-RECORDED)

The need for long-distance cooperation and the extreme reduction in opportunities for face-to-face meetings and communication have restricted us in many ways. We are therefore forced to look for alternative methods for getting to know candidates as well as developing and supporting employees – and psychodiagnostics is one of them. Your guide through this module will be Eliska Sonska Steklikova, who has experience with the use of various psychodiagnostic tools in startups and corporations, as an external consultant and internal HR, and is in close contact with the academic environment, where new tools are created and the effectiveness of existing methods is verified.

  • How the current state of the labor market affected the use of psychodiagnostics in companies
  • What (new) psychodiagnostic tools are available on the market
  • Based on what parameters you can assess the quality of the methods you will encounter in practice
  • How to effectively use the potential of psychodiagnostic methods by using them throughout the entire life cycle of the employee – how to use psychodiagnostics to support, for example, the selection, engagement or well-being of your colleagues

6. The Most Fundamental Legal Aspects of Current Recruitment – Jan Prochazka, Deloitte Legal (LIVE December 5)

Modern recruitment combined with new digital technologies such as social networks, online interviews, robotization and digital databases with artificial intelligence bring new challenges in terms of legislation. Deloitte Legal Partner and expert in Czech and international labor law Jan Prochazka will guide you through the legal aspects of recruitment.

  • What you must NOT ask during an interview
  • Implementation of GDPR and its best-practise
  • Legal binding of the job offer
  • Trial period and how to set it up
  • Competition clauses in practice
  • Aspects of home office and remote work

7. Measuring the Effectiveness and Success of Recruitment – Milan Novak, GoodCall (LIVE December 5)

The use of HR data is still in its infancy. If we cannot properly measure and evaluate our activities and processes, then we cannot improve them either. In this module Milan Novak analyzes key success indicators in the recruitment process. He explains how to interpret this data in order to successfully manage the whole recruitment process. We will answer the following questions: Why are some recruiters successful and some not? How to set your personal goals and grow both personally and professionally?

  • Use of data in HR
  • Overview of key success indicators in recruitment
  • Benchmarking of global and local recruitment statistics
  • Performance and quality metrics in recruitment and their optimization
  • Setting individual and team goals
  • Agile approach to recruitment

8. Closing Keynote: How to Play the A-game in Recruitment – Jan Mühlfeit, ex-President of Microsoft Europe (LIVE December 6)

Jan Mühlfeit is a global strategist, coach to top managers, Olympic champions, artists, and author of the bestseller The Positive Leader. His personal mission is to help individuals, organizations, and countries around the world unlock their human potential. He has had a highly successful twenty-two-year career at Microsoft, where he worked in various leadership positions. His last position in this high-tech corporation was as President for Europe (2007-2014).  Throughout his career, he has provided personal development interviews for CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and La Tribune as an expert. Jan has served on various advisory boards for several European governments in the areas of information and communication technologies, national competitiveness, and education. He has also provided advice on various projects for the WEF, OECD, and EC.

Jan teaches individuals and teams how to uncover their strengths and find the best in themselves. His techniques are valuable for coordinating business growth and show organizations how to create synergy within teams, inspire people through positive leadership, and deliver optimal performance across various fields of human activity through flow.

  • HRists, HR specialists & generalists, recruiters, headhunters
  • Recruitment agency consultants, executive search companies or external HR workers
  • University students or other people who would like to start their career in HR and recruitment
  • Anybody who wants to deepen their knowledge and obtain the most complex education in the field of modern recruitment.


Training Plan:

💡Effective Techniques for Online and Offline Interviews (Jan J. Zenaty)

  •  Part 2 LIVE 

💡Psychology of Job Interviews

  • Part 2 LIVE

💡Legal Aspects of Today’s Recruitment

💡Modern Psycho-diagnostics Tools

  • Eliska Steklikova PRE-RECORDED

💡Recruitment Metrics and KPIs (Milan Novak)

  •  Part 2 LIVE

💡Automation and Personal Productivity in Recruitment (José Kadlec)

  •   Part 1 PRE-RECORDED
  •  Part 2 LIVE

💡Closing Keynote (Jan Mühlfeit, ex-Predisent of Microsoft Europe)

  • How to Play the A-game in Recruitment LIVE