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ROBOT-PROOF RECRUITER training course with Katrina Collier

ROBOT-PROOF RECRUITER training course with Katrina Collier

In a saturated and highly competitive labour market, we need to have a lot to be successful recruiters. Engaging latest technology to help us save time and generate analytics is the least we can do. However, for too long the emphasis has been placed on using tools to find people and little on how to engage people so they respond. In this training course we will analyze and learn putting the human first and keeping technology in its supporting role so that you can significantly improve your human engagement and response rates. As well as your own job satisfaction.

About the trainer:

Katrina Collier (UK) is on a mission to end the collaboration chaos that ruins recruitment and candidate experience; exacerbated by hybrid working. Her inclusive workshops help companies fix the real issues preventing successful talent acquisition, and her unique shared-learning Mastermind programme develops the skills HR & recruiters need to partner effectively with the business and candidates. She is also a mentor, author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, a global keynote speaker, and host of The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited) podcast.

The training course consists of 2 training sessions (6 training hours in total) + a follow up hour to check on your progress applying and answer your practical questions.

Training dates:  January 18th 10:00 – 13:00 (3 hours) 1st session, January 25 10:00 – 13:00 (3 hours) 2nd session and February 22 10:00 – 11:00 Q&A with Katrina Collier.


DAY 1 (3 hours session):

How to win your candidate‘s heart

Getting attention in a world of interruption. What do you do when your messages are being ignored? You get curious and creative!  First some self-reflection on your message and chosen platform, what could you have done differently? And then a good hard look at yourself because candidates will Google you! What will they see? Would they trust you enough to give you their time? Discover how to present yourself online to look worthy of someone’s time & trust.

Main learnings: assess obstacles to candidate engagement (technology, attitude, candidate ghosting), meaning of candidate-centric recruiter.

Intake meeting – Make hiring managers your partners

Recruitment success or failure starts at intake meetings. But what do you do when the hiring manager won’t give you one? And what about when you do get one but the hiring manager is being unhelpful? This session is about attitude & behaviour. Discover what you need to develop to partner with your hiring managers so you not only get the information you need, you have an agreement that ensures a process is followed and feedback for every candidate is received.

Main learnings: managing expectation of hiring managers, creating partnership among a recruiter and a hiring manager, getting feedback on candidates. 

DAY 2 (3 hours session):

Employer bland or brand

In a world made transparent by the Internet, what do you do when your company’s reputation isn’t the best? How do you handle reviews, lack of feedback, or anything else that is uncomfortable and preventing you from finding the best person for the role. To be a true partner to your hiring managers you need to raise issues and offer guidance. In this part, you’ll discover how to tackle negative reviews or behaviour impairing your ability to recruit.

Main learnings: the impact of behaviour of hiring managers on brand and what it takes to handle that and be a proper partner or consultant to the business.


Engaging In-Demand Candidates

People who have skills that are in-demand have their choice of job opportunities and they don’t need to work for your company or talk to you. So let’s put it altogether so candidates want to talk to you and, importantly, stay in the hiring process – even with a counteroffer.

Main learnings: robot-proof first contact, the magic of follow-up, establishing good contact with your top candidates.


ADD-ON: Additionally to 2 training sessions, you will also be eligible to 1-hour Q&A session with Katrina Collier, which will allow you a month after the training share your insights, ask questions and follow up.