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Recruitment Academy® Certified Sourcer (RACS) Training with Josef Kadlec and Milan Novak – RIGA

First time in Latvia! Be the first to become RACS certified specialist

Today’s labour market is a tough and nasty place especially for staffing professionals. Due to the low unemployment rates and demographic curve companies and recruiters have to face the reality of the passive talent market. This state of the market puts a burden on the head of every talent sourcer, recruiter or HR professional who needs to use the latest outbound recruitment techniques on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Github, Dribbble, job boards databases or elsewhere in the online matrix.

RACS® [Recruitment Academy® Certified Sourcer] is a core training programme where participants will discover the context of modern recruitment trends based on its development and history of staffing. Also they will learn about practical new techniques of sourcing and contacting candidates on social networks or via phone.

Training goals

  • Maximize social media capabilities for your recruitment needs to improve results and profits
  • Get the edge over other recruiters by improving search techniques and uncovering hidden talent pools
  • Beat your competition by maximizing the efficiency and increasing your success rate
  • Skyrocket the volume of reachable candidates and make sure that you are truly finding all of the possible candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and beyond
  • Boosting productivity of whole recruitment teams

You will get

  • All attendees will get RACS® [Recruitment Academy® Certified Sourcer] certification signed by the Recruitment Academy academic board with the Chairman Jan Muehlfeit, the former Chief of Microsoft Europe.
  • 2 days of unique training & 2 top-class practitioners in the recruitment industry
  • Up-to-date manual for all participants


Josef „josé“ Kadlec

★ Co-Founder at GoodCall, Recruitment Academy and Datacruit

★ Author and instructor at Recruitment Engineering

★ Curator at Hireconomics

★ The very first LinkedIn Certified Professional-Recruiter in CEE region

★ Author of the book People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment

Milan Novak

★ More than 18 years of experience implementing recruitment strategies and work with talent

★ Former Branch Manager, Country Manager, Regional Managing Director CEE of Grafton Recruitment and board member of Grafton Europe in Dublin

★ Managed an agency with more than 350 employees

★ Now Co-Founder of recruitment agency GoodCall and Recruitment Academy

Come and join us in this recruitment skills mastering journey! То sign up for the training please fill in the registration form: