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Recruitment Academy Certified Sourcer Training- Baltic (Online)

Recruitment Academy certifications are the most comprehensive international training programs for HR and recruitment specialists.

Training dates: 27 September, 28 September, 4 October, 5 October 10:00 – 13:00 + certification test after completing the training

The price for the training is 400 EUR per participant. 


What you learn in the course:


Half day 1 (27 September 10:00 – 13:00)

The State of Job Market in Baltic – Valerija Buzeniene

Introduction and Baltic labour market overview:

  • Main trends and tendencies
  • Recruiter – a business critical role on the rise
  • The race to winning candidate’s heart

Candidate Life Cycle – Milan Novak

Milan Novák, CEO of GoodCall and a recruitment expert with more than 20 years experience analyzes the main aspects of individual phases on candidate´s path.

  • Setting up the recruitment process
  • Active and passive candidate vs. Inbound and Outbound strategies
  • Candidate Experience
  • How to attract and engage the candidate in the various stages of recruitment process

Diversity Recruiting – Milan Novak

In this section, Milan focuses on the new trend and explains the importance of diversity, inclusion and prejudice in modern recruitment.

  • What is unconscious bias and where does it come from?
  • Typical biases explained: gender, ethnic, racial, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, education background
  • Explanation of Affinity Bias, Confirmation Bias, Group Thinking, The Halo Effect
  • Behavioral Event Interview strategy

Half day 2 (28 September 10:00 – 13:00)

Talent Sourcing – Searching Candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok and elsewhere – José Kadlec

José Kadlec reveals his recruitment know-how. This module analyzes the search for candidates anywhere online.

  • The most recent innovations in talent sourcing
  • How to uncover hidden resources containing relevant candidates
  • When is upgrading to a paid LinkedIn account worthwhile?
  • How to work around most LinkedIn paid services
  • Boolean search & boolean operators, modifiers and search commands
  • X-Ray search and how to target LinkedIn users through internet search-engines
  • Searching across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse and more
  • Legally evading limitations, for example, LinkedIn limit for the number of candidates shown in results
  • Sourcing checklist and sourcing stack of tools and plugins

Talent Sourcing – Approaching candidates part 1 – José Kadlec

Former software engineer and ethical hacker, José Kadlec, will use his technical knowledge to show you how to find an email address or phone number for virtually anyone.

  • Finding the contact information of any user under any circumstances
  • Determining which forms of contacting candidates are the most effective
  • Measuring the effectivity of contacting candidates and improving the success rate

Half day 3 (4 October 10:00 – 13:00)

Talent Sourcing  – Approaching candidates part 2 – José Kadlec

Former software engineer and ethical hacker, José Kadlec, will use his technical knowledge to show you how to find an email address or phone number for virtually anyone.

  • Creating messages that candidates won’t ignore
  • Facilitating talent sourcers’ daily routines using a set of specific sourcing plugins
  • Approaching automation – how to send robotic customized LinkedIn invitations on autopilot

Live Sourcing Lab & Talent Mapping – José Kadlec

No presentation, no slides, no theory – only you, lecturer José Kadlec and thorough practice of searching for candidates on all possible platforms for your real positions.

  • Practicing the right search process for specific job positions on various platforms
  • How to find the maximum possible candidates using different search models – iterative, semantic, implicit, linguistic, etc.
  • Practicing the correct use of so-called Boolean operators
  • Practice specifying a shortlist with candidates so that we don’t lose anyone relevant
  • Practice searching via Internet search engines (X-ray search)

Half day 4 (5 October 10:00 – 13:00)

Efficient Job Advertising and HR Marketing Fundamentals – Blake Wittman

A job ad is an ad text. They have to sell and reach the target group well. Blake Wittman will teach you how to create an effective job advertisement that will raise the number of candidates for your position several times over.

  • How to write an ad that will reach your target group
  • How to write an ad that will sell your position
  • What parameters are important when creating an advertisement
  • How to increase the number of registered candidates thanks to a correctly written advertisement

Personal Branding in Recruitment – José Kadlec

In this module, José will show you practical steps on how to define your personal brand and how to activate it through social networks.

  • The importance of personal branding for HR specialists
  • Examples of posts on social networks and how to create expert content effectively
  • How to get at least 200 likes for each of your posts
  • How to get 30,000 LinkedIn followers in a year or less
  • Automate routine tasks such as sending LinkedIn invitations

The course is recommended for

  • HRists, HR specialists & generalists, recruiters, headhunters

  • Recruitment agency consultants, executive search companies or external HR workers

  • University students or other people who would like to start their career in HR and recruitment

  • Anybody who wants to deepen their knowledge and obtain the most complex education in the field of modern recruitment.


Check out the video message about the trainings from Jose and Blake: